Rhianne RossRhianne Ross
Passed my test with Garry, excellent teacher with great patience especially in the beginning stages. Glad I went to Garry for my lessons. His constant support and willingness to help and teach. Would recommend Garry to any new driver, whether you have experience or not.

Izabella DackoIzabella Dacko
Fantastic teacher! Supported me through stupid mistakes and really felt that he was rooting for me. Cant imagine a much better teacher. The LDC system is also very good when you're learning.

Shannon MacleodShannon Macleod
Just passed my test!! Garry was my second driving instructor and is excellent at what he does. He was always patient and friendly and made me feel at ease even if I made silly mistakes on lessons. The LDC driving school system is very effective as well and helps you to be able to make your own safe decisions when driving instead of just remembering what you've been told is right or wrong.

Ben JenkinsBen Jenkins
Passed my driving test with Garry he is a very good instructor and teacher.

Ewan McCormickEwan McCormick
Gary has been a really helpful instructor, even in tense situations he’d keep me calm. Since he’s friendly and is a good laugh he made lessons a lot of fun. Being provided with the DVD and the study book I picked up on stuff quicker than if I didn’t have these resources. Overall I’d definitely recommend Gary as a driving instructor to others.

Anna ScottAnna Scott
Garry was a very patient and kind instructor, taking time to ensure that I was confident with all the skills that were needed to allow me to drive safely and confidently. The structure that all the lessons were planned out upon were very well thought out, meaning that each lesson we moved onto still required certain skills from almost all lessons previously. This meant that I was not only learning something new, but also working on skills I had learned previously so I was both learning and perfecting my driving all together. As someone who had done a bit of driving with my parents prior to requesting an instructor, the structure of the lessons was also flexible enough to allow me to continue from where I left off! Garry was also a very approachable instructor, which was very helpful as I could then confide my early fears for driving in him, and in return, be able to calm down and start at a pace which suited me. This also came in handy when the execution of skills didn’t quite go to plan and I found myself prone to panicking. The workbooks and videos were very helpful as it allowed me to retain the knowledge I needed for my tests when I wasn’t able to go out in the car and practice with my parents. The preparation and advice that was also offered prior to taking my theory test were also very helpful as it allowed me to see the format of the questions and the general knowledge that I would have needed to achieve a pass.

Josh Nelson Josh Nelson
From the start I could tell that Garry was a professional in his job, with just the way that he taught and the way that he interacted with me. He taught me in a calm constructive manor and I couldn’t have asked for anything better than that. It was more like I just had an extremely knowledgeable friend in the car. 😂 I wanted an instructor who would make me feel at ease in the car and teach me at a great pace, Garry and the LD system matched my needs perfectly and I passed my test with as little as 13 lessons. I would highly recommend Garry to anyone who is looking for a great instructor and an high chance of passing.

Alex LawlessAlex Lawless
An absolute charm as an instructor. Feels more like a pal than an instructor not once have I felt uncomfortable, pressured or unhappy with any lesson. The LD System definitely helped in really fast and efficient progress to my pass.

I took a semi intensive driving course with Garry with only 10 hours booked before test day. I'd had driving lessons several years ago but after a series of fails, for stupid reasons, it completely destoryed my confidence and I packed it in for 5 years. I sat and passed my test on February 27th with 0 minors! This is testament to Garry's skills as an instructor. I had a thoroughly enjoyable few weeks learning. Garry was always punctual, very good at explaining concepts/rules, an excellent, gentle and kind teacher and most of all, patient. He identified areas that I was weak at, such as checking my mirrors when moving in and out of stationary vehicles, and we drove on so many suitable roads until I was comfortable and confident. I especially like the LDC approach of using the workbook to self reflect and identify my own areas of strength and weakness. It really made me question why I did certain things and helped me become a confident and safe driver. It can be difficult to self evaluate, but this approach really let's the information and skills gained stick with you. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone else looking to learn to drive. Thank you again.

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